The Magic of Online Dictionaries for Learning English

Learning English

As an English teacher, I often come across students in class who use strange or out-of-context phrases, words, or sentences. What’s curious is when they admit to obtaining those words using Google Translate, and it is precisely this that I want to focus on in this section.

Today, I want to invite you to experience the magic, power, and great usefulness of dictionaries. But don’t worry, I’m not referring to those bulky dictionaries we usually use in class, but something better: online dictionaries!

In the year 2023, we have incredible online tools to make the most of this wonderful journey of learning English, such as virtual dictionaries.

As students, we often turn to the first thing we find on Google to get information (which is not always the best). Google Translate is not entirely bad, but it doesn’t allow us to go beyond a single meaning of the word we’re looking for.

For example, if we want to know the meaning of the word “room” in English and we go to the translator, it will only give us the meaning of “habitación/cuarto.” However, in the dictionary, we will find other contexts, such as “espacio” or “posibilidad.”

By understanding the different contexts and levels of each word, we will know when, how, and where to use them correctly.

So, I encourage you to set aside excuses and face the challenge of using online dictionaries, learning more than just one meaning of words, and understanding how to use them correctly. I wish you much success on your journey towards English language mastery and hope to see you soon in class.

Goodbye for now, and see you soon! 😉

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