Success in Language Learning: More Than Quantity, It’s Discipline.

A good teacher

Hello once again! I would like to respond through this post to one of the questions that, as a teacher, is extremely common for students to ask: “Teacher, if I take one class per week, can I learn?” and “Teacher, what if I take three classes per week?”

Let me tell you that it does not depend on the number of classes you take in a certain period. A person who takes one class per week can progress much faster than someone who takes three classes per week, or vice versa. Let me explain why:

Discipline, enthusiasm, and motivation to learn.

A good teacher

Everything depends on your effort, discipline, willingness, and  motivation to learn. When you combine all these attitudes, your path to language learning will begin successfully.

Of course, there are a thousand factors we can include here, but I focus on what I have learned from teaching, which I must say, I love.

I have seen students take two hours daily almost every day of the week, with access to their virtual platform and the necessary materials for practice. They have the time for it and no overwhelming responsibilities, and even have people or family members to practice with if they wish.

A good teacher
A good teacher

Desire, responsibility, and time, do you have them all?

A good teacher

On the other hand, I have had students taking class only once a week, just one hour, with review tasks or exercises for each day until the next class, and often without anything to practice with. And you know what the answer is? The second student ends up making more progress, despite the completely different circumstances from the first.

These two cases are what I have personally witnessed, where the number of hours, materials, or resources provided doesn’t matter. Without discipline, willingness, responsibility, and time, your progress will be minimal or non-existent.

Excuse or reality?

I want to clarify that this is what I have observed during my time teaching, and if you disagree, I hope you present a valid argument rather than just saying, “But teacher, I don’t have time,” when you yourself have previously mentioned that your spouse took care of the kids to give you time, your company authorized you to leave work at 5:00 pm to take class in the same company (and paid) from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, or even when your parents provided everything you needed to do it.

And yes, once again, these are things I have heard from my own students after asking, “Did you do your homework?”

The only thing I aim to do with this text is to create awareness that often we have everything and do nothing, while other times we don’t have as much and still achieve a lot. It all depends on you.

Allow me to take a breath before bidding farewell to you once again. Thank you very much for the time you took to read this; I hope you take the necessary time to learn, set aside excuses, and immerse yourself in this wonderful world of languages.

Hope to see you soon in class, see you! 😉

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