About Me

Howdy everyone!

I am delighted to introduce myself. Just like you, at some point in my life, I also wanted to connect with people who shared the same love for English as I do. That’s why now that I’ve achieved that, I would like to help you in the same way and make this journey the most enjoyable, fun, and comfortable of all.

Some months ago, I obtained my TOEFL.ITP certification, and currently, I work as a language tutor both in person and online.

The majority of my tutoring sessions are conversational, which is why I’m interested in knowing your preferences and interests, so that I can design classes that are tailored to YOU. Additionally, I also have knowledge of grammar, so if your level is basic, don’t worry, I would be happy to assist you as well!

I will be delighted to meet you in our first trial class, get to know each other, and share the same passion for a language.

I hope to see you soon!

-Solee J.

A good teacher

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